Saturday, February 28, 2009

Design Particulars

I suppose some details would be important:

LOA:                16 ft.
LWL:                15 ft. 9 in.
BOA:                34 in.
BWL:                  32 in.
Disp @ 5 in. WL:  475 lbs.

I wanted something big enough to fit the whole family (at least while the kids a little) but not too big.  16 feet seemed like a good compromise.  I took inspiration from a variety of sources, including the Pakcanoe, and various John Winters designs.

The design will use plywood frames, aluminum stringers, and PVC skin.  The stringers will attach to the frames using HDPE "clips" similar to the full HDPE frame construction of Yost kayaks.  The skinning process will also be similar to the method Yost uses, with some adaptations to an open canoe design.  I am planning to have a floor of some kind, but I have not fully figured that out yet.  I am also considering using some inflatible sponsons (like the Pakcanoe) on the sides to provide structure and floatation.

The canoe should "fold up" relatively small.  The stringers will break down to approximately 6 foot sections, and the skin will be rolled up.  The frames will stack up and should "nest" fairly well, due to the wide variety of sizes and "U" shape.

Thats it for now, I guess the next step is to buy some stuff!

The Design

Design Inspiration:


3D framework:

3D final:

Friday, February 27, 2009

New canoe?!?!?!

In anticipation of a trip to Florida in Spring 2010, I am thinking of building a folding canoe.  I really want a canoe for exploring the waterways around Flamingo, but I don't think I can finish a S & G by then.  But a folder... just maybe...  The fact that there are no plans for such a thing does not discourage me.  I figure I will design my own, or adapt a set of plans I already have.  I did find something to inspire me: Pakcanoe.  We'll see!