Friday, April 1, 2011

New Boat!

Yes, I have started building another boat!  I am building a Tom Yost designed Sea Tour 17 EXP kayak.  I am building it as a folder, using HDPE frames, aluminum stringers, and PVC skin.

I have found this to be an extremely fast build so far.  I drilled out the stringer connection points with the drill press at work (way easier than a hand drill).  I then cut out the frames with a jigsaw.  The stringers are made of three 6 ft sections of aluminum tubing connected with smaller diameter inserts.  Eventually, I was add some shock cord to hold the sections together, kind of like big tent poles.  Two frame sections were attached to the strongback and the stringers were "clipped" onto the frames.

Next, the middle four sections were clipped in.

Stem and stern are next.


  1. Looking very cool. Excited to see how you hold the stems together. Dad

  2. you got some skills ben; i'm still recovering from the bird house incident of '68.

  3. Cap, I think Ben was the kid you hated in '68...the perfect birdhouse and all the badges :)

    Sara wants to know if this is the Lady in Pink or if she has to wait until next year for her boat. I told her she has to get a little bigger before she can have her own. So she's sitting here eating lunch like a little monster "to get big fast"