Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New kayak!

I have decided to build another kayak.  This one will be for my 5 year old daughter Sara.

It is called the "Io" and is designed by Nick Schade of Guillemot Kayaks.  Nick offers the plans for free here, and has complete instructions on

I am planning to use inexpensive luan plywood since this boat will not see hard use.  The exterior will be sheathed 4oz fiberglass and I will use 2" tape for the interior seems.  I think the seat will be a couple of layers of closed cell foam which should be sufficient for the sort of use this boat will see.  I'm not sure about a paddle, but I may try and build a simple greenland style paddle or buy a small kids paddle.

Sara is very excited about this and has already name her boat "The Sara"  ...very original :)  She has also requested that it be painted red "like Grandpa's kayak."

In Grandpa's red kayak
Checking out my SeaTour EXP... probably a little to big for her :)


  1. That sounds wonderful and I think a GP will be a good first paddle.

  2. Sara says the name of her boat is now the "Butterfly Explorer" She thinks you're the best daddy ever!

  3. Can't wait to go paddling with you Sara.

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